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Pipelines for Mining Applications
In   underground   construction   reliability   and   security   of   all   components   are   very   important.   Especially   in   shaft   and route   lines   which   can   extend   to   kilometres,   a   long   service   duration   of   pipes   is   demanded   in   this   field.   All   operational equipment   must   resist   extreme   loads   and   every   premature   failure   costs   time   and   money,   regardless   of   safety- relevant   aspects.   Maintenance   work   shall   be   carried   out   only   within   the   planned   revision   time   periods;   therefore   the availability   of   the   conveying   line   system   must   be   secure.   We   consider   these   influence   variables   already   in   the planning stage and in the preparation of the quotation. Special   circumstances   require   individual   solutions.   Therefore   not   only   elbows,   pipes   and   reducers   are   a   part   of   a conveying line, but also compensators and bracket pipes for mounting in pithead buildings. Our   conveying   lines   are   designed   for   static   and   dynamic   loading   and   protected   against   corrosion   for   the   planned   life- span and the environment. Our   products   have   already   been   in   used   with   great   success   for   decades   in   all   areas   of   the   underground   construction field.
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