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The   chart   shows   the   result   of   test   series   with a   very   agressive   material.   The   real   wear   at the    pipe    inner    wall    proportional    to    the pumped      quantity      concrete      C20/25      is described.    The    concrete    is    a    mixture    with natural broken parts. The   service   life   factor   is   shown   on   the   y-axis. The   testing   values   were   put   in   relation   to   the service   life   of   one-layer   pipes   usual   on   the market.    The    measurements    have    shown, that    a    pipeline    in    quality    ESSER    TWIN    900 can    have    up    to    10-times    more    service    life compared to ST52 pipes. These   test   results   can   be   put   in   relation   with other abrasive materials. In   many   applications   planable   maintenance intervalls    or    a    certain    service    life-time    are required.   Costs   for   repairs   shall   be   reduced and downtimes shall be minimised.  Especially the ESSER TWIN series are designed for long usage.
Comparision of Service Life Time
ESSER TWIN 700 Two-layer Pipe Inner pipe hardened up to 63 HRC Service life factor 5:1 (comp. ST52)
ESSER TWIN 900 Two-layer Pipe Inner pipe hardened up to 67 HRC Service life factor 10:1 (comp. ST52) Patented Production Process
The Original 900 Quality can only be from ESSER!
There is no heat influence below the welding seam because of the patented welding process.
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