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Our pipes can be fitted with different collars (weld-ends) or flanges, according to international standards or customers requirements. For choosing the right connection pressures, wear stresses, statical and dynamical factors has to be considered. For customised connection types please contact us.
Our components are available with or without prime coat. The primer is RAL 1015 light ivory, RAL Color System Classic matt. Colored pipes according RAL Color System Classic brilliant. Special colors only on request.
If a special purity of the conveying material is requested, we are able to offer a surface treatment of the inner pipes. Two purity grades are possible. For protection the pipes against rust, the inlets and outlets are closed with plastic caps.
How long is the service life of ESSER PIPES? A fact, which our customers often want to know. Here we show a little overview about the performance of ESSER PIPES.
In addition to a quality management system and legal prescribed standards, we fulfil further standards to save the quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers.
Generally, our delivery terms are Ex Works Warstein, Germany, according to Incoterms. But we are also able to organise the transport according customers requirements.